Haawan Pony Customs


I have been collecting and customizing My Little Ponies since 2005. All my creations are one of a kind, carefully handmade items. I do all painting by hand using quality craft and artist acrylics. I mostly use Aves Apoxie Sculpt for sculpting, occasionally Fimo or other oven-bake polymer clays. I like to experiment with new materials and techniques; for instance, paper has turned out to be a very versatile and useful material. Sewing is not my strong point but I have tried fabric clothing as well.

As a collector I value ponies as collectibles and would never customize a rare pony or one that's in good condition, unless it's from the generation currently available in stores. All G1 (80s/90s) ponies in my gallery used to suffer from various issues: mould, age spots, bite marks etc. I also restore ponies for my own collection so minor issues like hair cuts are not enough for me to justify customizing a collectable item. 

Customizing is mainly a fun hobby for me and since my free time is very limited, I don't currently make ponies for sale. I'm always happy to advise new and aspiring pony artists, however!

Occasionally I customize other toys or make sculptures from scratch. Make sure to check them out as well!